Bret Cartwright


An established presence in the Utah day trading community, Bret Cartwright has been active on the forex market since 2003. Specializing in commodities, from precious metals to natural gas, he has considerable knowledge of trading major global currency pairs. Bret Cartwright is also active with Day Trade University as an executive forex coach and works with clients of all levels of experience.

On his “forexslayer” Youtube channel, Mr. Cartwright addresses advanced strategies such as scalping, in which he has earned competition titles. This approach involves rapidly entering and exiting positions in the market and is popular among traders as they are just starting out. While this is a part of his toolbox in the live market, he primarily focuses on longer term day trading strategies that involve “setting and forgetting.”

Mr. Cartwright is highly rated as a coach and has received three awards over the years that reflect his success at Day Trade University. In 2018, he achieved ranking as top overall coach and in early 2020 he received an award for graduating more than 500 students who successfully transitioned to trading in the live currency market. Bret Cartwright regularly attends trading conventions and has presented in Las Vegas on topics such as his pending order strategy.